HARD-S – filtration of dust and gas


HARD filtering unit has been developed for cleaning the air from dust-gas contamination, whereby dusts can have dry- and also viscous properties. Among others, it is an ideal solution for:

  • filtration of the aerosols arising during spray painting of not large surfaces,
  • filtration of the air polluted with dust and gas arising during rubber laser cutting, cutting of materials as plywood, plexi, acrylic and other plastics or grinding the above mentioned materials,
  • dust- and gas contamination – arising during polishing of various materials,
  • oil laden welding fumes with gas emitted during the welding process,
  • ation of the air polluted with fat particles at the kitchen extraction hoods,
  • unpleasant aromas in chemistry laboratories,
  • vapours arising during upholstery works – among others cutting and gluing.