Fans designed for general ventilation and local extraction of rooms. Additionally, within our assortment of fans, are available fans in Ex execution and chemically resistant fans.

Exhaust extractors

Extractors are applied for removal of the exhaust volume, emitted by the exhausts systems of vehicles.

Filtering units

Devices designed for removal of impurities from the air, during various technological processes.


Automatic snow removal system. Systems offer perfect snow/ice removal for each TIR roof just within several minutes, by means of strong streams.

Local exhausts

Devices for extraction of impurities, i.e. dust particles, gases – directly from the emission source – workplaces.

Modular Shooting Ranges

MoSt Modular Shooting Ranges are entirely closed facilities, designed for all kinds of shooting practice and training forms performed within fixed and moving firing lines.


About us

Klimawent S.A.

Klimawent was founded in 1992. Over the years of creating our success as a leader
within the field of filtration and ventilation on the Polish market, at the end of nineties
our company started exporting of products for the all over Europe, America as well
within the markets of Middle East countries.
In 2009 our company was transformed into Joint-Stock Company. Within our
assortment there are 7 groups of products, i.e. fans, blowers (air-supply fans),
filtering units, vehicle exhaust extractors, tobacco smoke absorbers, systems of snow
removal from the roofs, as well as a complement of our offer – ventilation
All our appliances are our own solutions worked out by our engineers’ team.
Manufacturing takes place in our premises under supervision of technological
We continually invest in high-tech infrastructure, advanced technologies as well as
development of qualification of our engineers. Especially, important is development of
our company. The innovative implementations are based upon our results of
Research and Development Lab, that contribute to larger success.

Siedziba Klimawent S.A. w Gdyni