ERGO-STW – welding table with upward extraction


ERGO-STW welding stations are applied as fully ventilated welding posts. They serve for extraction the air polluted with dry dust formed generally during metal welding. The dust is captured very close to the emission source, in two directions: upwards through the self-supporting extraction arm or downwards through the suction chamber with a grate.

Both, ERGO-STW-R and ERGO-STW-R-MINI require connection to the discharge ventilation ductwork (removing the extracted volume outside the building), whereas ERGO-STW-F contains a built-in filtering unit and the cleaned air is recirculated to the process room to avoid further thermal loss in winter. ERGO-STW-S-MINI is a solution for smaller welding workshops, and especially for welding schools. A compact size table does not require much place in a small school welding box. In this case, the extraction arm ought to be installed separately on a wall or under the ceiling.