TENDER VAC 200 – filtration of dry dusts and gases


TENDER VAC 200 belongs to the high-vacuum filtering unit group. The appliance is designed for air filtration from dry dust- and gas impurities. It removes efficiently any contamination directly at the emission site. The device is irreplaceable for laser cutting of rubber, plywood, plexi, acryl and other materials as well as during various processes accompanied with unpleasant smell, i.e. in chemical- and pharmaceutical laboratories. It is a perfect solution for capturing the pollutants directly from the hoods of tools for cutting or grinding the rubber and other materials where unpleasant smell is arising. The filtering unit is designed for filtration the dry impurities. The basic equipment of the appliance is a high-vacuum suction turbine and filters of 99,95% efficiency. Due to 1000 hours of turbine longevity, it is not recommended to use the device for continuous work.

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