STORM-H – cyclone separator


The STORM-H cyclone separators are applied for cleaning the air contaminated with dry dust of particles size above 5 µm. They belong to the vacuum device group. Centrifugal force enables dust separation, whereby the accumulated dust is falling into the waste container, placed underneath the separator. For coarse dust, STORM-H separator constitutes the final filtration stage. Whereas, in case of dust particles of smaller size, it serves as a pre-filter, and additionally a fine filter should be installed parallel. The dust separating efficiency ranges 95–99%. STORM-H separators are manufactured in a version with a fan (STORM-1000-H, STORM-2000-H, STORM-5000- H) or without fan (STORM-1000 SOFT-H, STORM-2000 SOFT-H, STORM-5000 SOFT H). In the second version, the specific flow resistance of the cyclone separator must be overcome by the fan of the final filtering unit.


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